... is without doubt my main media. For me there's a freedom in the blanc paper that can't be matched.

Though it might be frightening to sit in front of the square of emptyness I enjoy the process of drawing.

I don't sketch. I prefer to grasp the moment and tell the story of my mind. The drawings are very often

graftings of several elements related to the contexts of man - from the international to the superlocal.

The Ever Present Beginning of the Last Journey
The Goa.T, Phone Home Experience
Safety Last
Love the Mother in the Green
Mythical Taphog Holden its Burden
The Eclectic First Meeting of Janie Doe's Parents
Trophy for Best Orgasm
Vatican Black Eyed Elepussy
Cutting Edges in an Edgy World
The Formidable Hen and the Disguised Predator
Trophy for Worst Cover Up
Unaware W(h)atchdog
Noisy Ginger Foxbury Took a Blow at the No's
If You Only Knew
Trophy for the Rich Kids
The Ignorant Matchmaker
Composition of a Hateful Dancer