The Lived Life's Space (documented)

T H E   L I V E D   L I F E ' S   S P A C E

( d o c u m e n t e d )


I stroll a lot. Walking in the streets of my neighbourhood, the streets of Copenhagen - the city I live in, the streets of Aarup - my hometown, and the streets of the cities I visit. When walking around I tend to pull off at a byway or path at some point. I'm curious by nature and I like to see what's hidden behind the polished facade which we are presented to on a daily basis. Not that this fact isn't interesting - it is!

My point is that I like to find the untold stories of the places I visit. There are plenty of photos of the many well-known monuments, but how about that underground toilet behind the historical place? or the forgotten steel structure at the deserted dock? This is fascinating and it invites you to use your imagination and forensic skills and tell the story of the lived life's space.

Normally I use my instagram account to document the lived life's space. Follow it here.

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More to be added shortly...