Architecpolics 2014

A R C H I T E C P O L I C S  (2 0 1 4 )


Can spatiality reflect event?

This was the question that I investigated in this project. I was fortunate to be granted a residency at the Danish Art Workshops, where I could build up the structures that are shown below.

The project circulates around the year 2014 - more precisely: my year. This mean that I have been working with events of both international, national, regional and superlocal character. The international and national events are naturally the most common ones, while the superlocal events are some very personal ones. The events were put into a system, which should conclude the relevance of each event. Along with the system I have generated a text that would compliment the system itself. I ended up with nine keywords that would sum up the most important events of my year of 2014.

Truth  |  Contrast  |  Fear  |  Choice  |  Respect  |  Colour  |  Future  |  Versus  |  Near

There is a drawing made for each of the keywords. The drawings investigate spatial relations such as balance, density and hierarchy. 


Graphite on paper, 2015


Graphite on paper, 2015

The nince keywords were not only confronted with spatial drawing. They would also be encapsulated in built physical structures - a mixture of sculpture, collage and collecting. A structure is called a reference center. In ARCHITECPOLICS (2014) there are three of centers.

The reference center consist of three or more tableaux - each refering to one of the nine keywords. An example: The image below shows one of the reference centers. It has an amount of inner rooms that are more or less closed by sliders and the top of the structure. It invites the spectator to take action and investigate the hidden spaces and light settings. The rooms are all connected, but you can rarely see from one room to another - but the light will.

The image below is one of the hidden spaces. Behind the sliding door the spectator will find the following:

- a text from a book

- a map of the London Tube

- a pair of binoculars.

Reference Center #1 (inner)

Tableau, 2015

If you have interest in more information about the project you can either visit the exhibition at Dronninglund Art Center (running in Aug/Sep '15), hope for possible showings in the future or contact me via the 'Reach'-button in the top menu. I will then try to answer you request if possible. 

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This project was supported by of the Danish Art Workshops,

which is an institution under the Ministry of Culture.