"Drawing and interests in elements of vast variety have led to the works of mine.

The degree of importance, beauty and difference of one or more themes can be

highlighted in works focusing on investigations, storytelling and/or propaganda".






I’m an architect/artist currently living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark. I graduated from the Aarhus School of Architecture in January 2013, but also spent time at Det Jyske Kunstakademi during my education. Here I found confirmation in my niche area, which wasn’t truly appreciated at the architect school before I went back to finish my master at the studio called Experiment/Constructing an Archive – a studio that can be described as a merger of architecture, art and philosophy.


Drawing is probably my main media, but it isn’t the only one that I exercise. During my education I was introduced to different forms of handicraft. I have made/built contructions of various materials such as cast, wood, cloth and metal and enjoyed creating a quite large installation in 2015 at the Danish Art Workshops. Without doubt, I will look more into installations/sculptures in the future.


I have always found interest in storytelling and thereby writing. I find the process of writing fascinating, whether it's the usual literary way, the example used in a phenomenological perspective or something quite different. Writing played a major role in my thesis, which normally isn’t that recommendable. Luckily the thesis committee shared my interest in Georges Perec, which the thesis was centred on, so they found great interest in the publication and project in general and encouraged me to keep on working in this niche area. It was easy for me to agree on that.




Mail | allanbech(at)allanbech.com

Web | www.allanbech.com

Instagram | (at)allanbechhansen





Based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Born in 1983.




2017 Statens Kunstfond | Danish Arts Foundation

2016 Residency at Can Serrat, Catalonia (E)

2016 Statens Kunstfond | Danish Arts Foundation

2016 Esther & Jep Finks Memorial Grant

2015 Residency at the Danish Art Workshops, Copenhagen (DK)




2016 'STATUS', Staldgade 74, Kødbyen, Copenhagen

2015 Art Copenhagen 2015

2015 'A Borderland', Dronninglund Kunstcenter

2015 Dean Clough Gallery, Halifax (UK)

2014 Paper Gallery, Manchester (UK)

2014 Project Space Collective, London (UK)

2013 Gallery V58

2013 Aarhus School of Architecture

2012 Benny Black

2012 Aarhus School of Architecture

2012 Godsbanen, Aarhus

2012 Exhibition 8210

2012 Gallery V58

2011 Art Aarhus

2011 C.F. Møller, Aarhus

2011 Gallery V58

2010 Gallery V58


+ private exhibitions and several group exhibitions at the Aarhus School of Architecture and more.





2018- Teacher (archi./drawing/constr.), Krabbesholm Højskole

2017 Lectures - own work and writing, University of Massachusetts (US)

2017 Lectures - own work and drawing, DIS, Copenhagen

2016 Teacher at the MODUS School for Arch/Art/Design, Copenhagen

2016 Feature concerning "origin" in the magazine, mosaikk #3

2015 Artist feature in Steadfast Magazine #1 (US)

2014-15 Board member, FORENINGEN (artist group)

2012 Radar (Live Music events, Aarhus) (public work)

- w./ Anne Sophie Schlütter-Hvelplund

2012 Godsbanen (B-huset, Aarhus) (public work)


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2006-13 Aarhus School of Architecture (Master of Arts in Architecture)

2011 Jutland Art Academy / Det Jyske Kunstakademi (4th year)